The two Biopôle and Biopôle 2 stops, located in the heart of the area, are serviced 9 times a day by the No. 33 bus line which connects Clermont-Ferrand (Carrefour des Pistes – Musée Roger Quillot) to Saint-Beauzire, via Gerzat, and by line N°5 RLV Mobilités, which links the multimodal SNCF division from Riom to Chappes. Note that this line has a stop near the Biopôle Riom site (stop La Varenne).


The No. 2 bus line (Volvic – Portes de Riom) connects the Varenne area to the centre of Riom 13 times a day, with a connection to the train station.

Line N°5 also links the multimodal SNCF pole to the La Varenne area 9 times a day. Bound for Chappes via Saint-Beauzire, it also serves the two stops at the Saint-Beauzire Biopôle site (biopôle and biopole2).


The “Cugnot” bus stop of the No. 10 line is a few minutes’ walk from the Clermont-Ferrand site. During the week, it is serviced about forty times per day.  The No. 10 line also runs to the Place de Jaude, the train station car park and Clermont-Ferrand-Auvergne airport.

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Lines 33 and 10

Lines 2 and 5