The Tipipôle company crèche on the Saint-Beauzire site welcomes the children of the employees of the Biopole. The crèche is managed by Jour de Crèche and is run in partnership with the family allowances fund and the businesses.  It is open to all types of companies, whatever their size and has a capacitý of 40 children. It has premises of 558 m² and a courtyard of 300 m² with a playground and garden.

    • open from 7.45 am to 6.45 pm,
    • child minding on a full and part-time basis of children from 0 to 4 years of age
    • child minding costs of families indexed to their revenue and their family tax benefits in compliance with the scale of the national family allowance fund
    • a team of 16 professionals for young children: a director, a paediatric nurse, a deputy educator for young children, two educators for young children, three childcare assistants, nine assistants with vocational childcare training and one maintenance worker,
    • and everything that improves their quality of life: adherence to the child’s sleeping patterns, meals and development, a suitable environment essentially designed with the local partners, meals and nappies provided, a medical consultant to guarantee monitoring of health.

    Companies wishing to offer this service to their employees only pay for the places taken.

    They benefit from a 50% tax credit (called the family tax credit) and the entire expenditure before the tax credit is counted as an expense that is deducted from the income. Depending on the company’s tax rate, the monthly expense for a child, after tax assistance, ranges from €120 to €200.

Crèche Tipipôle

Françoise civiale – Nellie Desthomas
+33 473 860 617