Clermont Innovation Week Roundtable: How can and should health and climate-conscious agricultural approaches create value in our territories?

The Clermont Innovation Week is an annual event dedicated to those involved in science, research and innovation, offering a 10-day programme of varied, unprecedented events dedicated to innovation in all its forms, aimed at the general public, academics and professionals.

On this occasion, the VEGEPOLYS VALLEY plant competitiveness cluster, the UCA S.V.S.A.E Doctoral School and VetAgro Sup are co-organizing, for the general public, a free presentation and debate event on the One Health concept:

“How can and should Health and Climate Conscious Agricultural Approaches create value in our territories? ”
Thursday 14 April 2022 from 5pm to 7pm
At the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy

It will be a question of communicating around new works but also of proposing to students with different profiles, of exchanging and promoting their opinions and visions during a debate of ideas with socio-economic actors. The ambition of this debate is to enrich the territorial connections and to engage a collective reflection on the challenge that the One Health concept will drive in the coming years for the implementation of respectful, innovative and more concrete practices.

To participate, register via the following link: