The EIB, with the support of the European Commission, is financing a €30 million loan for Carbios’ enzymatic recycling technology to support the Circular Economy.

Carbios and the European Investment Bank (EIB) announced today the signing of a €30 million loan agreement supported by the European Commission InnovFin Energy Demonstration Programme.

The aim of this type of financing is to support high potential innovative projects developed by companies aiming to achieve transformative changes aligned with the EU Climate goals and contribute to the EU industry’s leadership in the development of sustainable technologies.

Carbios fully meets these criteria with its world’s first enzyme-based processes, which have the potential to contribute to the plastic’s industry sustainability.

This loan has been granted to support the strategic industrial and commercial development of Carbios technology of PET enzymatic recycling aiming at transforming post-consumer PET plastic and polyester fibers to their original building blocks (monomers) through a biological enzymatic depolymerization process that can then be used for feedstock as new recycled PET suitable for all original applications.

This disruptive technology that could accelerate the transition to a plastics Circular Economy allowing PET plastic producers to replace petrochemicals with monomers from PET plastic waste, resulting in 100% recycled PET content in new products.


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