Year of creation: 2000
Status: SARL
Workforce: 5
% of the turnover dedicated to R&D: NC
Patents: NC
Accreditations: NC

Biopôle Clermont-Limagne
2 rue Michel Renaud
63360 Saint-Beauzire

Julien Troquet
Phone: +33 972 290 871


Engineered bioprocesses for soil and aquifer remediation.

Biobasic Environnement™ is a French engineering & consulting company which provides a wide range of services within the field of environmental biotechnology.
Biobasic Environnement™ designs global and customer specific solutions: from assessment audits to site depollution based on innovative bioremediation processes developed through an intense R&D activity.


The €comap™ methodology, developed for environmental audits & site assessment, allows an optimal pollution diagnostic and a precise characterization of the environmental state of studied sites.

The rehabilitation process €cobasic™, including technical and economical feasibility studies, prior to the implementation of engineered bioremediation processes guarantees the effectiveness of the treatment.

The company, via its Bio€co™ services, acts within the field of environmental management, carries out biodegradability studies of industrial effluents or wastes, and provides assistance for the control of biological treatment processes.