Biopôle Clermont-Limagne
Technology park for life sciences



The Biopole Clermont-Limagne team supports you throughout your project, in collaboration with the relative research, higher education, industry and economic development partners.

Coordination: partnering, business intelligence, appraisal of your project - the Biopole and its network support you on a daily basis.

Communication: businesses can avail of the Biopole Clermont-Limagne image, its PR media (newsletter, website, etc) and take part in the joint actions set up by the Biopole and its partners (trade fairs, events, etc).

Networks: access to an interactive platform of the professionals of your sector, the Biopole puts you at the core of the networks: meet businesses from your sector via professional associations (pharmacy, nutrition health, environment, etc) and breakfasts and conferences organised by the site

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Detection, incubation

The detection of projects is essentially performed within public laboratories via the Auvergne Valorisation cell backed by the French National Research Office. This is a pooled cell bringing together the two universities in charge of identifying the projects and supporting their development. The economic feasibility studies of the projects and the technical development phases are supported by regional public partners according to several financial mechanisms (Fonds Régional pour l'Innovation, (regional innovation fund) business creation regional grants, etc).


The incubation of innovative projects is then taken care of within BUSI, the regional innovative business incubator whose head office is based in the Biopole. Project champions therefore benefit from a structure and monitoring of their project: economic feasibility study, intellectual property, business plan drafting, etc. The incubator prepares the project monitoring it right up to the optimum economic feasibility stage, the key to its subsequent success. The follow-on can then be taken on by the technology park which hosts and supports the young business in its creation.

Detection, incubation, creation: these three areas are now covered by the expertise of the Innovergne network. All the regional authorities in charge of guiding innovative businesses work alongside Auvergne Valorisation, the BUSI incubator or even the Biopole Clermont-Limagne: DRRT (regional delegation for research and technology), DRIRE (regional directorate for industry, research and environment), OSEO (innovation support, investments and guarantee funding), INPI (national institute for industrial property), regional council, Clermont-Communauté (municipality), CRCI (regional chamber of commerce and industry).

Grants, interest-free loans, accommodation, dossier appraisal, etc., the terms of support and guidance, whether technical or financial, are discussed within this committee ensuring the creator has a concerted and consistent approach to his projects.

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Financial backing




In Auvergne, the Life Science technologies sector is clearly identified as an Excellence Cluster and the economic development and innovation stakeholders are committed to bio-entrepreneurs. This support takes the form of financial mechanisms specially designed to meet the requirements of innovative businesses.


The Innovergne network harnesses the different financial movers. It is the one-stop shop for your application file. It will guarantee time saving and pool all the partners for your project.

Fonds Régional pour l’Innovation (Regional innovation fund (FRI)): 
Stemming from a partnership between the Auvergne Regional Council and OSEO ((innovation support, investments and guarantee funding) Auvergne, the FRl is aimed at facilitating:

• the development of creation projects or take-overs of innovative businesses,

• transfer of laboratory technologies to the Auvergne SMEs/SMIs,

• performance of R & D for innovative businesses 

According to these phases, it allocates grants of €20,000 to €100,000 and redeemable advances of up to €300,000.


Call for Bourse Innovation (Grant for innovation) project

The "Bourse Innovation" (Grant for innovation) of the Auvergne Regional Council backs projects such as:

• transfer of technology, associating a research centre and a regional business or  R & D on behalf of a business,

• creation of an innovative business (one or more project champions).

The "Bourse Innovation" can be used to finance theses, for fixed term employment contracts or even scientific equipment, expenses for assignments and allowances for project champion(s).


Sector research grant

The “Cluster Sector Research Grant” is designed to associate at least 3 businesses belonging to an excellence cluster to a research project developed within a public laboratory in Auvergne and finances a doctoral or post-doctoral job for this project.


Venture capital and interest-free loans

SOFIMAC (Société de Financement du Massif Central (finance company)) is a venture capital company dedicated to working with the innovative businesses of Auvergne. It provides equity to heads of businesses regardless of the issues involved: Creation, Development, Transmission and manages 200 M€ of assets via 16 funds.

AT2I+ is a local initiative platform proposing interest-free loans to the directors of innovative businesses. These interest and guarantee-free personal loans can go up to 45,000 euros and are intended to form or reinforce the equity of a business.