Biopôle Clermont-Limagne
Technology park for life sciences


Real estate offer

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On its three dedicated sites, the Biopole Clermont-Limagne offers 20,000 m2 of real estate solutions designed for biotechnology activities.


Thanks to the wealth and diversity of the real estate available on the Biopole Clermont-Limagne, the possibilities for bio entrepreneurs are endless: hiring of offices, a module, an extensive unit or building on the Saint-Beauzire site, etc.


This real estate offer is bolstered by a range of business and employee-oriented services.


The closely located three sites are within easy access to the A71 motorway, the international airport and major research centres.

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Riom site

Equipment dedicated to preclinical development and pharmaceutical chemistry



The Riom site is dedicated to clinical development and offers a hosting capacity of 12,000 m2 on a park of close to 4 hectares.

7,000 m2 of fully equipment laboratories complying with the GLP and GMP regulations (analysis laboratories, production laboratories, 1,200 m2 of animal facilities) and 5,000 m2 of offices and storage: the Riom site meets with your real estate requirements and offers you turn-key solutions.


Technical equipment:

  • Separation techniques: HPLC, UPLC, GC, CE.
  • Sample preparation: PLC 144 samples.
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance: NMC and LC/SPE/NMR.
  • Mass spectrometry: coupling of LC and UPLC, triple quadrupole MS/MS and Q-TOF, single quadrupole GC/MS
  • Semipreparative chromatography
  • Data telemetry, acquisition, analysis systems
  • Suction tables.


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Saint-Beauzire site

Incubator/business hotel/building on site



The 70-hectare Saint-Beauzire park hosts forty or so innovative life sciences businesses.

Bio entrepreneurs have a choice of real estate solutions adapted to their biotechnology activities from rental of a business incubator or business hotel to purchasing land and building on the site.


Incubator: this is particularly suitable for businesses starting out whereby bio entrepreneurs can set themselves up over 1,500 m2 broken down into modules equipped with clean rooms, laboratory benches, P2 laboratories, etc.

Business hotel: two rental units offering 4,000 m2 divided into more spacious laboratory units designed for developing businesses.

Tertiary: the Saint-Beauzire site has offices dedicated to service providers and consultants. A building of 600 m2 is devoted to tertiary solutions.

Building: for businesses wishing to buy land and build their own infrastructures on the site. They are also supported by the Biopole team in their project.

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Clermont-Ferrand site

One building particularly suitable for plant biotechnology activities.



The Clermont-Ferrand site has a building of 2,800 m2.

It was formerly dedicated to plant biotechnology research and houses equipment for culture and fermentation work, etc.

Laboratories and offices: 1500 m2 divided among 7 laboratory modules that can be fitted out as required with laboratory benches, fume hoods, cold room and offices.

Offices: fifteen or so offices complete the tertiary offer as well as three conference rooms for shared use.


Technical equipment:

  • 2 phytotrons
  • 2 culture rooms