Biopôle Clermont-Limagne
Technology park for life sciences



The Biopole Clermont-Limagne strives to bolster the economy of its local environment particularly rich in research and higher education focused on biotechnology


"Dedicating 2.4% of its gross domestic product to R & D, Auvergne can boast a wealth of R & D, well above the European average (1.4 %) and even regions of a similar economic profile (1.5%)" (source: INSEE). Life sciences are regarded as an excellence cluster in Auvergne and Puy-de-Dôme in particular, with benchmark status in nutrition, plants and health. The research work is backed by national research organisations (INRA, INSERM, CNRS, etc), two universities, engineering schools as well as private research developed within major groups and start-ups, a lot of whom are set up on the Biopole Clermont-Limagne.


There are over 1,500 researchers working in future-oriented areas such as varietal selection, molecular diagnostics, therapeutic targets, proteomics, post-genomics, etc.

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Major avenues of research

Seeds and plants: this research field is based on public (INRA, Blaise Pascal University, etc) and private research teams with notably the leading European seed producer, the Limagrain group.

Auvergne’s expertise here has also given rise to the Céréales Vallée competitiveness cluster. The topics explored are based particularly on improving wheat varieties with a view to optimising their factions for food and feed uses (wheat and corn genotyping, plant breeding, etc).


Health: the health field stands out in the following domains: genetics, reproduction and development (GRED), medical imaging, nutrition and cancer, cancer-targeted therapies, pain treatment, etc. The cancer research is namely hinged around CLARA, Lyon Auvergne Rhône Alpes cancer centre.


Nutrition: 7 licensed research laboratories and 18 teams are pooled within the CRNH working on the prevention of ageing.

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Who’s researching what?

Plant biotechnologies: INRA, Limagrain, Greentech, etc

Nutrition: Centre de Recherche en Nutrition Humaine (human nutrition research centre), CHU, Centre Biomédical de Recherche et de Valorisation (Centre for biomedical research and valorisation), INRA, etc

Cancer research: INSERM, Centre Jean Perrin, CHU, etc

Biomedical Engineering: Laboratoires THEA, CHU, CNRS, etc

Genetics and Molecular Biology: INSERM, Université d’Auvergne, Lonza, etc

Pharmaceutical biotechnologies: Aptys Pharmaceuticals, hybrigenics, ANS Biotech, Cyclopharma, etc

Pharmacy: Merck-Sharp & Dhome, Sanofi Aventis, Théa, etc

Green chemistry: Limagrain, METabolic EXplorer, Université Blaise Pascal.