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“Accelerate your plant innovation!” : the competition dedicated to start-ups by Végépolys Valley

With the 5th edition of its competition dedicated to startups, the Pole of competitiveness VEGEPOLYS VALLEY supports innovations that prepare the production and uses of the plant of tomorrow. 

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From 10 September to 10 November 2020, French start-ups (less than 18 months or in the process of being created) can present their initiatives and try to win one of the 4 awards with €10,000 to €15,000 and operational and strategic support.


Production and uses: 7 innovation areas to explore

The jury will study the projects related to the 7 innovation areas in which the Pole is involved :

- 3 axes for competitive, quality crop production, respectful of the environment, the health of consumers and producers:

• Varietal innovation and seed and plant performance
• Plant Health
• New technologies and practices for production systems.

- 4 axes for the development of food and non-food uses of plants to improve quality, practicality, services, naturality:

• Plant for animal and human food; for nutrition prevention health, for well-being, health and cosmetics
• Plant agromaterials and biotransformation
• The urban plant.

On Thursday, December 3, the shortlisted candidates will benefit from a group coaching day during which they will prepare for the final stage the following day. On Friday 4 December, they will defend their project for a 5-minute pitch before the jury composed of experts and competition partners.


Financial support and a network mobilized to support the winners

The winners will be rewarded with 4 awards, endowed with grants of €10,000 to €15,000 accompanied by operational and strategic support from VEGEPOLYS VALLEY (free membership for 2021, dedicated space on the Pole stand during SIVAL 2021, communication services...).

The competition, financed by VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, Angers Loire Métropole and Clermont Auvergne Métropole, also plans specific follow-ups proposed by Angers Technopole, the network of Breton technopoles, Orléans Technopole, the BUSI incubator, the Biopôle Clermont-Limagne and the BIVOUAC, who will bring their expertise to the winners located in their respective territories.

Other partners (WE Network or Village by CA) will be able to complete the awards according to the profile and needs of the winners.


Online applications, to be submitted between September 10 and November 10, 2020

GIMRA organizes the 6th Health Industries Days on November 5, 2020

Organized in Clermont-Ferrand by the GIMRA every two years, the JIS are days of sharing information and experiences around the major issues of the health industries.
On 5 November 2020, the theme of the JIS6 will be: the health of tomorrow, challenges and challenges to 2030.

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5 themes will be addressed:


  • Europe’s impact and dependence on Asia: a case study of the pharmaceutical chemistry industry
  • Ecodesign and sustainable development in health industries
  • Health Data: 10-Year Vision
  • The Healthcare Industries of the Future
  • Employment in Auvergne, how can health companies attract and retain the talents of tomorrow?

A pre-programme is already available on the GIMRA website.
The final program will be announced in September 2020, when the registration opens.
The format of the day will of course be adapted to sanitary constraints (face-to-face and remote format).
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SPIM: the 7th Congress of Skin Physiology 19 and 20 November

The Skin Physiology International Meeting (SPIM) will take place at the Palais des Congrès of Vichy (France) on November 19th & 20th, 2020.

The SPIM is a unique scientific meeting at the crossroads of research excellence putting latest research work and discoveries on skin physiology at its center. The event aims at sharing and mixing thoughts, views and investigation methods between various disciplines without dogmatic position.

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It involves experts from all specialisations (physiologists, biochemists, dermatologists and pharmacologists) and all countries (USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, France, etc) and encourages cross-collaboration to push further scientific understanding of skin physiology and metabolic interactions, for both healthy and disorder skin states.

4 topics related to Skin Physiology will be presented during these days: : microcirculation & healing, autophagy & ageing, differentiation & single cell, microbiota & pollution

For young Researchers, it’s still time to apply for the Junior Scientist Award 2020 (15,000€). 9 junior scientists will be selected and invited by the scientific committee for an oral presentation of their research.

Also, all participants, whether they are junior researchers or not, have the opportunity to present a poster related to research on skin physiology. The winning poster (4,000€) will be selected through a vote involving all SPIM participants. to subscribe to attend the congress or to the Greentech Awards.


Végépolys Valley : competitiveness clusters Végépolys and Céréales Vallée-Nutravita merged into a global vegetal cluster.

Thursday, june 27, 2019, Végépolys and Céréales Vallée-Nutravita competitiveness clusters had joined forces and finished their merger-absorption process.


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The rapprochement between the first, focusing on specialized vegetal and the second, dedicated to field crops, was selected by the State during the announcement of the Phase IV of the labelled clusters for the period 2019-2022. With this merger, these 2 clusters now give rise to Végépolys Valley, a new cluster with a national dimension and an international vocation, present on the entire vegetal value chain. It will be based on a strong territorial anchorage in 4 regions: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bretagne, Centre-Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire with 7 sites located as close as possible to its members. From its angevin headquarter, the cluster brings together more than 500 players in the vegetal sector around 7 innovation axes. 

Séverine Darsonville, farmer based in the Puy-de-Dôme, administrator of Limagrain who closely follows the R&D, was elected President.

Analgesia institute: public conference on the occasion of the word pain day on endometriosis

The Analgesia Institute, research foundation dedicated to innovation in the field of pain, organizes a public conference on the occasion of the word pain day.
This event will be held on 15 October at 6.30 PM at the IAE of Clermont-Ferrand.


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The Analgesia Institute wishes to use the world pain day to increase general public awareness of the questions related to chronic pain and wants to make sure that its innovative projects and actions are made known. 
This year, the Analgesia Institute aims to highlight a chronic crippling gynecologic disease, which affect millions of women with pain as main symptom: endometriosis
Too often taboo and unknown to the wider public, this disease causes severe pains
In France, It is estimated that one in ten women of child-bearing age suffer from endometriosis, a total of 3 to 6 million women.
Managing these patients is complex: 8 - 10 years are needed on average so that a diagnosis is put, period during which the disease develops and is aggravated (Source: EndoFrance).
This conference will be the opportunity to better understand this disease, but also to exchange on the care of patients and on the future developments.
Speaker: Pr Nicolas Bourdel, obstetrician-gynecologist at the CHU Estaing of Clermont-Ferrand, with the testimony of a patient member of Endofrance (association partner in the event).

Admission is free but requires registration:

Arbios will attend to Cosmetic 360

Cosmetic 360, the international trade fair for innovations and solutions in the fragrance and cosmetics industry, will open its doors on the 17th and 18th of October 2018 at Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

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Four companies of the Biopôle Clermont-Limagne (Alphanosos, Biofilm Control, IPC and Lexva Analytique) and a company of the Vichyy conglomeration (CTL packaging) will participate in this event on an Arbios collective stand.

The initiative is supported by the Biopole Clermont-Limagne.

Arbios present at the Health & Foods Days 2018

The Arbios network was present at the Health & Foods Days of La Rochelle on June 20th and 21st.
The event has become a benchmark for those in the food industry, and is the most important European business convention in its field. More than 800 participants attended the 12nd edition.

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Arbios was represented by the Agency of development of Vichy Communauté, together with the competitiveness cluster Céréales Vallée and the Nutravita Cluster : an opportunity to feature the actors and the companies from the Arbios network and our territory.

Analgesia institute: public conference on the occasion of the word pain day

On the occasion of the word pain day, the Analgeisa Institute organize a public conference entitled  “communication and new technologies, a future for the chronic pain management”.

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The event, organized with the Committee Against Pain of the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital Centre will have as honor guest, the professor Joël Bockaert, neurobiologist and member of the French Academy of Science.

Discussions will range from e-health to opportunities offered by new technologies for the chronic pain management.

While the medical innovation is slowing down, the E-health puts the patient at the centre and allows him to be actor of its own care. It supports him daily in the management of its pain. Beyond the individual benefit, this approach will permit to improve the patient care by involving health professionals and by developing new research opportunities for a best characterization of patient in pain profiles.

The conference, open to the public, will be held on 16 October at 18.30 PM, at the University of Medicine of Clermont-Ferrand

Admission is free but requires registration:

Plastipolis and Cereal Valley strengthen their partnership

The Poles of competitiveness Cereal Valley and Plastipolis decided to go farther to their cooperation by signing on Monday, June 1st, 2015 a convention of partnership. Both poles, which already collaborate on common projects, so strengthen their collaboration to work together in search of new bio-based materials and their application in the plastic sector.

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This partnership fits with a strategy of interclustering which consolidates the R&D for the benefit of the members of Cereal Valley and Plastipolis.


A partnership thrown since 2006

The convention signed between both Poles of competitiveness aims at pursuing and at amplifying the cooperation hired since 2006 in the field of bio-based plastics. It provides the opportunity to pursue the national convention France Green Plastic with strengthened ambitions, but also to initiate transverse common actions as the organization of events, the realization of innovation projects and the coordination on the strategies of development.
In Auvergne and in Rhône-Alpes, this territorial cooperation will allow exchanges of good practices regarding innovation and economic development, and coordination with the economic and institutional players of this big new region. The sharing of an action of animation of the plastic sector in Auvergne in the field of the innovation is also planned.


Bio-based plastics, a big issue … and a product with a future

The rarefaction of the oil resources imposes on the plastic industry to find new sources of raw materials to make plastics of tomorrow. Since the 2000s already the industrialists dealt with these stakes and plastics stemming from renewable resources (bio-based plastics) made their appearance. But these plastics still have a too high production cost, and actually, they represent only less than 0,3 % of the 285 million tons produced per year. These materials are called to develop quickly, since they will propose a competitive alternative in the oil.
Cereal co-products for the plastic sector

Agro-materials bring alternative answers to the production of a raw material with new characteristics and physical properties. The valuation of the cereal co-products constitutes a source of new agro-industrial uses, and the elaboration of components from vegetables allows to meet the needs of the chemistry sector.
The cooperation between the Poles of competitiveness Plastipolis and Cereal Valley will be thus profitable to the industrialists of the plastic sector who have important needs in R&D on bio-based materials for answering the stakes bound to these new materials.

Analgesia Institute launches its first call for donations

After five years of experience, the cluster Analgesia Partnership gave way last June to Analgesia Institute, constituting thus the first European pole dedicated to innovation against pain. The latter allows to associate with members already committed future partners that by their financial support will create the Analgesia Institute Scientific Cooperation Foundation. 

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By bringing more resources and skills, the Institute wishes to continue its missions: understanding pain and find tomorrow’s analgesics to fight against what becomes a disease of its own, while more and more patients are offered old and often insufficient treatments.  

Analgesia Institute's program is based on the elaboration and coordination of varied collaborations (public/public or public/private), and on the sharing of platforms and existing tools. 

To ensure the funding for its ambitious project, an Endowment Fund is already created. It aims to bring together the first donations and patronage that will constitute the allocation of 2.5 million euros to the Foundation.
On the occasion of the Global Day Against Pain, on 17 October, Analgesia Institute organizes in Paris, a morning dedicated to partners and the media, which will be an opportunity to revisit the problem of pain, to discover the Foundation and exchange around its most promising projects. 

The Institute will then launch its first campaign of appeal to public generosity. This campaign will be available on the site and on several financing platforms, such as HelloAsso and DaVinci Crowd. 


 1- Characterization tools for patients
 2- New physiopathological approaches
 3- Original drug-candidates, for humans and animals
 4- Innovative therapeutic strategies
 5- Training tools to bring researchers and healthcare professionals closer together 


The 20 –& 21 November 2014, will be attending the 4th edition of the SPIM - Skin Physiology International Meeting - at the Palais des Congrès in Vichy (France)

The 4th edition of the SPIM - Skin Physiology International Meeting, witch is organised by Greentech, will be held on 20-21 november at the Palais des Congrès in Vichy (France). 

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The SPIM is a forum for internationally renowned scientists and young researchers from all disciplines concerned with cutaneous physiology. 

Renowned international experts in physiology, biology, biochemistry and dermatology will meet through conferences on the latest scientific research on the skin.

In the programm for this year : stem cells, genetic ageing, microbiota and immunity, growth factors and matrix. 


Finally, works from all participants will be exposed during the SPIM as posters and / or oral conferences. The two best works will be rewarded by GREENTECH awards: 

1.The SPIM Junior Scientist 2014 : 9 junior scientists are selected and invited by the scientific committee for oral presentation of their original works and results during the SPIM. These 9 young researchers are preparing a PhD or are working in post-PhD in France or French speaking Universities, public or private research organisms, industry. A €15,000 prize rewards the best oral presentation. 


2. The Best SPIM poster 2014 : all participants, junior researchers or not, can exhibit during the SPIM a poster presenting a particular topic related to research in skin physiology. A €4,000 prize rewards the best poster presented by one participant of the congress, after a vote of all SPIM participants.


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An egg/health chain in Auvergne

With the support of the Regional council of Auvergne and the ERDF Auvergne, NUTRAVITA supervises since 2013 a study on the construction of an "egg health" chain in region. 

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This initiative follows upon RESAR, a collaborative project coordinated by the cluster. RESAR gathers various private and public partners, among which the Auvergne Human Nutrition Research Center, the INRA and the Clermont-Ferrand Hospital. Its objective is the development of innovative products of high nutritional value for the coverage of the body functioning changes, which can be given to seniors. 

An intensive evaluation on the constituents of the egg resulted in the identification of the interest of certain components to answer the specific needs for this population, to the point of envisaging the creation of a chain. 

To this end, NUTRAVITA appointed the LPC consulting firm Councils. This feasibility study concerns the constitution of a poultry chain, including the creation of poultry farms free-range laying hens and of breaking stock for egg yolks. The results of this study will be delivered to the cluster at the end of May. Exchanges with potential industrial operators may be undertaken. 

Key discovery paves the way for new analgesics without adverse effects

Despite its strong efficacy against pain, morphine intake is associated with significant side effects such as constipation, nausea, vomiting, respiratory depression, addiction... The research team of Professor Alain Eschalier, Director of Neuro-Dol Inserm unit1, member of the Analgesia Institute (Clermont-Ferrand, France), has just shown that it could be possible to dissociate these two effects, by maintaining the analgesic effect without any of the side effects. 

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The results of this study are published in Nature Communications, dated December 17, 2013. 
 Morphine is highly effective in treating some forms of acute and chronic pain. However its use is often limited 
 by associated negative side effects. Both beneficial effects and side effects of morphine and other opioids are 
 mediated by the same mu receptor. To date it has not been possible to dissociate them. 
 Neuro-Dol researchers hypothesized that working downstream of mu receptor on proteins called effectors, it 
 could be possible to separate these two types of effects. They decided to focus on a potassium ion channel 
 (TREK-1), an inhibitor of neuronal activity (which involvement in pain had previously been shown, together 
 with M. Lazdunski and J. Noël from IPMC in Sofia Antipolis, co-authors of the article), as a possible effector. 
The purpose of their research was to show whether this channel could be involved in the analgesic effect of 
 morphine without participating in its side effects. Their results show that: 
 - the analgesic effect of morphine is reduced in mice in which the gene has been deleted (KO TREK-1), 
 including in models of clinical pain (eg postoperative pain); this reduction is even greater with fentanyl, another widely used opioid; 

- the mu receptor has a functional relationship with the TREK-1 channel (electrophysiological study); 

- constipation, respiratory depression, or physical dependence are not modified in KO TREK-1 animals. 

 These results confirm that TREK-1 channels are essential for the analgesic effect of morphine but are not 
 involved in its adverse effects. 
 Direct activation of these channels could therefore lead to a morphine-like analgesia without inducing any of 
 the side effects usually associated with this type of medication. This hope must be confirmed by further 
 studies already initiated by the research team. 
 Besides new molecules specifically activating TREK-1 channels have been synthesized and are under evaluation 
 within the Analgesia Institute, particularly in collaboration with the chemists of the CESMA team (Institute of 
 Chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand), under the responsibility of Professor Sylvie Ducki². 
1 Mixed Research Unit 1107 Inserm/Université d’Auvergne 
2 Mixed Research Unit 6296 CNRS/ Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand / Université Blaise Pascal

About the Analgesia Institute 
In 2014, the Analgesia Partnership 3 cluster becomes the Analgesia Institute, first initiative in France dedicated to research and innovation against pain. Located in the Auvergne, the Analgesia Institute stems from a commitment of excellence, with the establishment of a national network, and towards an international outreach. 
The ambition of the members and partners of the Institute is to fight against pain, by developing innovative analgesics, safe, effective and more personalized.